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2020 Changes

With so much uncertainty going on in the world due to COVID and new safety precautions, many events and celebrations are being postponed or canceled.  The festivity simply isn’t worth the risk.  However, when the Construct-A-Kids Christmas Board & Committee was faced with the possibility of canceling their event this year, the reaction was a resounding “NO!”  Cancelation was NOT an option and they immediately sprang into action to form a “plan B.”  They knew that too many innocent children were counting on the San Antonio construction industry to give them hope and joy in an otherwise tragic year.  The children in need aren’t just trying to find a “new  normal” amidst COVID, they are

struggling with finding a way of survival.  When schools were closed, many children saw their only source of healthy meals disappear.  Where they once had to find a way to get food over a two-day weekend, they were now struggling to find a way to get food every single day.  Many children have younger siblings that they are now forced to take care of day after day, with no breaks, no help, no playmates, no chance for them to have time to be a kid themselves.  Additionally, with COVID adding stress on adults along with the turmoil and confusion of our country, many children have found themselves the “punching bag” for angry parents and caretakers.  These children, now more than ever, need the support and assistance of programs like Bexar County Child Protective Services (CPS) and Child Advocates of San Antonio (CASA), which are the primary benefactors of the Construct-A-Kids Christmas Gala.   We are fortunate that the construction industry has remained essential, with the 20th Anniversary of the Construct-A-Kids Christmas Gala we hope to remind these children that they are essential, too.



We could not host an event of this magnitude without the support of our construction industry & community.  If you would like to donate to our live  auction, silent auction, raffles, or a monetary gift, please contact us.


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